My two roommates and I got to see three people join the family in the first three days that we went out to share! It is incredible to find such genuine hearts that are ready and willing to believe in the Gospel and to be able to be the one to share it with them.

Not only that but it’s truly a beautiful thing to see the Holy Spirit change people’s hearts as soon as they believe. One of my favorite instances of this so far was getting to pray with a student professing his new faith, and immediately after we finished I heard him say “It’s like… inner peace”.

Another great moment was after we shared for the first time, we got to bring the first student into the family for the semester. In our excitement, we forgot to mention the part of the story where Jesus rose again, and so we once we realized our mistake, we sent him a message to tell him. A few moments later, we received a reply saying “Wow! Happy Ending!” and indeed it was.