Hey Fam!!!! Let me fill you in on what I’ve been up to for the past month: My team and I celebrated New Year, setting off MANY fireworks! We spent just under two weeks in Malaysia, resting, and getting poured into for this new semester. Now we’re back in our city, changing lives as usual! Our Asian friends only arrived back in our city this past week from their winter break in between semesters.

My roommate and I have met with 3 of our friends so far and WOW, God is speaking to each one of them in unique ways, so that they may say yes to starting a relationship with Him. This past Sunday, we met with our friend, Cyan, and together watched the movie, Son of God. She was AMAZED at who Jesus is. After the movie was over I said to her, “Did you know that Jesus is here right now?” Her mouth dropped open and a look of wonder swept over her. She smiled in almost an embarrassed, star-struck sort of way. She said, “Wow, that is incredible.” Then I said, “Imagine He is sitting right here, what would you say to Him?” Again, she was absolutely in awe that He would be here and listening to her. She said, “I would say that He is kind and merciful, and what an incredible thing He did for us, to have died in that way, and even to forgive the people who did it to Him.”

In the end of our time, when I asked her if she wanted to start a relationship with God, she said that she doesn’t think she believes in Him fully enough to start her journey officially. So I challenged her to seek Him when she is alone, to ask of Him the deepest questions she has and trust that what she hears is His voice. After praying together, she walked away having truly encountered Him and hearing from Him that she is loved, and worth dying for. I gave her a Bible and have so much hope that the words in it will transform her even more.

Will you join me in praying for her salvation?