Hey! I’ve been traveling for almost the past month and now I’m back “home” trying to catch up on sleep as I jump into this next season. Full language immersion starts like almost now. By the time you read this I’ll already be in it. I might drown a bit, but eventually I learn to swim in the language :D. With that I wont be checking social media at all during this season. It also means I won’t be able to use as much English. So if you don’t hear from me as much, it’s nothing personal, I promise :).

My highlight this past month was being able to connect with some hip hop dancers in Malaysia. We had a blast hanging out and I was encouraged to see how serious they were for God even with the big platform that they had. Often people water down their faith, but these guys were the real deal!

One last thing! There is a clock tower on a one of the campuses here. It’s known as suicide tower because so many people jump to their death from there. It’s recently been locked down to try to prevent such occurrences. I’m asking God for favor to get let in and go to the top and pray, sing, and stake out some ground for the kingdom. Could you ask God with me? I’m believing to take territory for the kingdom. What the enemy meant for death I claim for life.