To say that the recruiting team has been busy would be a huge understatement. Just this past Sunday we were packing up our booth at the Spring Basic conference, our last event of this spring semester. In the last 7 weeks we have had 18 events. It was never ending cycle of driving, connecting with students, speaking, packing and driving some more. Luckily, it’s not just one person that does all this but our team of 4 recruiters.

Although it was a crazy time, we now have young adults from Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and all over New York state that are working towards getting on a plane in August to see the campuses in Asia changed with the hope of the gospel! Looking back on it, I can’t think of a better way for our team to spend 7 weeks.

We still have people from those events that we are talking to about coming with us.

Would you pray that God moves on their heart and that they would be going with us to Asia? Thanks!

Also would you be praying for our mini-camp event that will be happening in just 9 days from now. That’s when about 35 students will be coming to Lima for 4 days of training, fun, getting to know you time and listening to the Lord about Asia.

Would you pray that the Lord meets with us during this time? And that He would solidify the call to Asia that these potential recruits have been responding too?

It’s so great to have so many people partnering with us as we work to see the campuses in Asia changed!