The tears started to flow down Anna’s face. Our CT sister, who had just shared her testimony, embraced her as the rest of us continued to worship. I thought she had just received life, but that was not the case … just yet. As we wrapped up our second fruitful church meeting on the new campus, several of our girls continued to love on Anna. The batt1e was on for her soul, and not only her but her mother’s as well. We found out that day that Anna’s father has already died, and now her mother has a very serious illness that may soon take her life — at least her body. Anna needed to come into contact with True Love, with Forgiveness, with Hope, and her Father heard her cry …

You see, as my team stood waiting for the bus to the new campus that day, every one of our friends called or texted and said they couldn’t make it (welcome to college). Yet we still felt strongly as we prayed that we needed to go. We were almost the last ones on the bus, and as I sat next to a young male student, one more girl got on and sat next to our CT bro Ben and several of our girls. He noticed she had a book about spirituality, and started talking with her. When we got to the campus, I shared some more with her, and she was very interested in what we had to say. By that time, God had unexpectedly provided 5 new guys for us to meet with, so the group was back on! As we walked to meet them, our CT sis sensed strongly to name the girl from the bus. Her new name would be … Anna.

I’m continually amazed at the Holy Spirit’s orchestration of our lives. Recently, multiple times every day I find myself in situations I know He set up, even planned from eternity! I, and all of us, are doing lots of listening these days, tuning our ears to His voice, just as Jesus did (Isa. 50:4-5, “He wakens my ears to hear as one being taught”). Then we do what He tells us to. It pays off. We have had about 10 join the fam in the past week, many of them lead not by us, but our Asian bro’s and sis’s!!! Amazing! Keep praying as things are catching fire, because the enemy is setting traps and bringing more focus to us as well. Your prayers are effective to change situations and individual hearts. Thank you!

I suppose you want to know what happened with Anna. 😉 Well, maybe a half hour after our meeting ended, she gave her life to Chr1st! Despite being saddened by the thought of not being with her earthly father for eternity, she realized by His grace that she personally needs Jesus, and I believe He will use her to lead many, including her mother, to eternal life.


  • Easter activities – many larger parties will happen and we need his protection.
  • New bros/sis’s – Shuai, Mumu, and possibly a few others decided to get baptized Friday night! Roots to go deep in Christ Jesus.
  • Some of our people are sharing about Jesus and Easter with 100 kindergartners today — they have permission to pray over them!
  • Travel – I will be heading to another of our cities to do some training in language and our ministry methods next week. Need for strength and health following busy weekend, and love and joy for the ones we meet.
  • ARTS – our arts group (ID) has been asked to do a mural at a huge arts village who is having a grand opening in May. Woohooo! Here we go again … 😉