I hope you are having a great start to your December! The fall was a lot of fun for us:) Here are just a few of the big things that kept us busy.

This past week Campus Target finished off our 19th recruiting event since the beginning of October, all over the northeast. It was a team effort, and by my estimation, well over 2,500 people heard about Campus Target, many for the 1st time! Out of those who heard, we probably connected with about 500 personally and had roughly 150 fill out more info cards.

Although that seems like a lot of people, we are planning on having about 25 people headed to Asia with us in August. Would you be praying that as we continue to follow up with these people, that God would be moving on their hearts to go to Asia this August?

Things I’ll be working on this month:

  1. Continued follow up with potential recruits
  2. Setting up more events for this spring
  3. Meeting with pastors to see what new recruiting doors could be opening

Can you take a moment and see if you could be a part of this process?

  • Would you like to have Campus Target at your church or group?
  • Is there someone that you know that would be interested in going to Asia?
  • If yes to either of those questions, write or call me! It would be great to dream with you.