I figured out that Asian bicycles aren't made for fat Americans. So I bought my bike about two weeks ago and by the second day something had went wrong with it. I had assumed that since it is a mountain bike I can ride it like a mountain bike, which is not so.

One of my roommates and I were riding along and found a nice little park so we decided to ride around in it. Since I like to ride my bike a little aggressive I decided to start jumping off of a little ledge which was about two feet off the ground. After a few times I started to hear a strange noise and my gears weren't working very well. I stopped and looked at it only to find out that the bolt that goes through my bike frame to each set of pedals had bent just enough to mess with the gears. I've gotten used to the noise but more importantly I realized Asian bicycles are made for 125 pound 5 foot 3 guys not 6 foot 185 guys. So just in case you ever have to choose go with the fat man bike, you'll never regret it.

Besides my bike situation, everything is going phenomenal. This past week has been the best week of my trip so far. Not only have I started to get used to the culture here I am starting to enjoy it. It also helps that I have gotten used to the food, started to get some kind of grip on the language, know my way around the city and I have the coolest roommates ever. I think I realized my fondness the other night when I was sitting at 12:15 on a sidewalk eating street barbeque with Carl. I mean where else can you go out at 10pm-1:30am and get all kinds of spicy kebabs while sitting at 2 foot tall tables with 1 foot tall little kids plastic stools to sit on. The answer…. No where. Mmmmm…. Shao kao.

So now that your thinking “Wow, I'm so glad he is doing good” I want to tell you news that is 100% cooler than all that combined. This past week God opened tons of doors for us to let people know the good news. Between all the people in our city and with the help of a short term team from the south pacific we have 8 new family members within the past 7 days. Not only that but every time that one of my roommates or I meet with someone this week God opened up the door to share his word on a deep meaningful way.

The other right my roommate and I had the chance to share one of these times with our friend John. As we walked back to our apartment with John we got to share with him for 25 solid minutes just about his life and what God has done for him. Multiple times during the conversation we got to see tears in his eyes. Although he is not in the family yet, I believe that in the next 2 weeks he will be. Awesome things are going on and I know that it is just the start of what God wants to do this year.