Throughout dinner, Evey and I reminisced about our friendship. Together we recalled the first time we met, the time I visited her hometown, and our favorite memories – weekly sleepovers at my apartment. We used to talk late into the night, then get up early for breakfast before she headed to class. Every Saturday morning I taught her how to make a different American breakfast – French toast, pancakes, scrambled eggs, even peanut butter & jelly sandwiches! I remember our last sleepover before I left for the summer; she got up early, and I found her in the kitchen already cooking pancakes without me!

She expressed that I had influenced her last year as she observed my loyalty and passion for God. After 21 years of atheism, Evey was surprised by her new openness to the possibility of a God who created the world and loves her!

As I looked into her eyes, I felt mine brimming with tears. How could I convey how much I wanted her to know Him personally? “Evey, you're one of my best friends here in this country. I think God brought us together as friends because He wants you to know Him, too. He loves you SO much…For so long you've tried to figure it all out in your head…but what do you feel in your heart? Do you ever feel lonely? Or weighed down by anxiety?”

Her eyes met mine with a new vulnerability. She slowly nodded yes. As I talked about God's love and peace, something shifted inside her. She wasn't quite ready to make the decision to accept Him, but she surprised me with her next statement: “I would like to go to church!”

So today I took Evey to her first house party! I introduced her to some Asian believers, then sat across the room, excited to watch her laughing and talking with two of the girls. Afterwards, as she headed to the bus stop with her new friends, Evey hugged me good- bye with a huge smile and whispered “I really like these people!”

I was still smiling as I waved good-bye. I think I will soon see a new Evey…I am praying that this will be Evey's month to come to know Him personally!!

This week has been incredible! One of my teammates, Pinky, got to lead one of her new friends to Jesus! With the help of a short-term team, we now have 7 new family members – 3 from my team's campus! What a start to the year! My faith is already growing to see a great harvest this year!