The best way to end the year and ring in the New is hearing your friend after sharing with them at least 10 times… “ok I’m in, I want to follow Jesus now!!!” This was my feeling Saturday night (New Year’s Eve at about 8 30pm) as Beyonce* and I sat and listened to our friend Fiona’s heart. We had been sharing about Jesus every time we would see Fiona and each time you could see how much she wanted Jesus but her making the decision would get blocked by fear to depend fully on God.

God was doing so much more in her heart during that time that we couldn’t see and now we know she is really all in and wants Jesus to invade her life. Please keep her in your thoughts as she begins this journey with God. She still has many fears about how God wants to use her in her family and friends life due to them not being excited that she believes in Him. But I know God has so much for her in His adventure with her:) Praise Him for my dear sister, Fiona, she has a special place in my heart.

Thanks for all your prayers and being apart of all of this! He’s got so much more.