Finals are over! Wooh Hooh! We made it! The five of us successfully completed our first semester enrolled in a University!  Looking back to four and a half months ago, I couldn’t even read an entire sentence in the local language.  And now, wow, the progress that I have made is truly a gift.  It’s only by the grace of God that I’ve learned as much as I have.  I was able to jump into a classroom of students, whom, on average, have studied this language for 2+ years.  That’s over twice as long as I have been studying!  And I made it!  I’m learning that when God calls something into action, He is more than faithful to see it through.  He is teaching me this language.  He’s not done yet!

Yet, I feel like learning the language is just a small part of what He is doing in me.  I guess that if I was to sum up the past 5ish months of my life into 5 words, I’d have to say “My security lies in Him”.  Yes.  That is what God is patiently teaching me, day by day.  Do I fully understand this concept yet? No.  But He is patient with me.  So very patient.  My security lies in Him.  My future lies in Him.  He is increasing my faith to believe. 

Now that finals are over, in the next couple days the 5 of us will be splitting off and traveling to different cities.  And! In two weeks, all of us (CT as a whole) will finally meet up in Thailand! It’s going to be an awesome opportunity of reconnecting with friends and fellow co-laborers.  This year, I am especially looking forward to connecting with some of the workers from our parent organization – workers that have been in Asia for 10+ years!  I’m excited to hear more about their work as well as language study and the wisdom that they have to offer. 

As our retreat is quickly approaching, please be praying for us!  Specifically, please pray that God speaks to us clearly about the way in which He desires for us to study next semester.  While we are in Thailand, we will be meeting as a team, as well as with our leaders, and discussing language study and possible adjustments to be made.  We are definitely seeking God’s wisdom first and foremost.  Please join along with us in prayer!

I’m also listing some super fun prayer requests below! 

Much love,


Prayer Requests!

On Monday morning, Clive and I are taking a 5 hour car ride up north (or more north) to a village for a wedding.  We’re expectant that this is going to be a HUGE opportunity to share the Gospel.  We are going with his old teacher from G-town, whose family lives in the province where I’m living now.  It’ll be a two and a half day trip of full culture emersion!  Ask that His Holy Spirit would lead us in all we say and do!

Next Friday morning, I am hopping on an airplane to visit my friend Apple!  I haven’t seen her since last May!  Every time I am on the phone with her, I am always encouraged by her growth in the Lord! She has already been a believer for a little over a year! I am excited to reconnect with her and hear more about all that God is doing in her and through her.  Since I’ll be living with her family for 3 and a half days, please pray for me; that I wouldn’t be overwhelmed by culture shock, and that I would be able to have awesome times of fellowship with one of my closest Asian friends!