So you may have heard something HUGE happened for tour famil yesterday….

We were able to purchase tickets to Asia for OUR WHOLE FAMILY! Praise the good Lord 🙂 He never stops amazing us at His provision and faithfulness. The obstacles God overcame to make it possible for us to go were: We were able to find tickets out of Toronto (under the mileage someone so generously gave to us!!!) to accommodate all four of us!

And one once we arrive in Asiaa, our youngest and I will not be making any side trips (originally we were supposed to make a 10-hour round trip by bus to the mountains for 3 or 4 days) but rather staying put in our hometown (with some other mommas) for the full two weeks! After taking him across the world, we were worried that constant travel would be really tough on him….. and our sleep:) The Lord was renewing our perspective in going as a family and how much we valued that. So THANK YOU for standing with us in prayer, God answered!

We will be celebrating with almost all of our workers the fact that Campus Target is turning 10 years old! And we will be looking back at all the lives that said YES to Jesus and marvel at all God has done to bring Asia back to Himself. We will be spending most of our time in C-town, our “hometown.” However, my husband Hoagie and our oldest son will be taking a trip to a famous national park for a few days with the majority of CT workers.

So during our stay in Asia we will be doing a few things:

  • Celebrating as a whole organization what God has done the last 10 years! Here’s some numbers:at least 10,000 people heard the Gospel, about 1,000 putting their faith in Christ, about 200 young adults invested at least two semesters into what God is doing in Asia. Those are things worth celebrating.
  • Connecting with our old friends that we invested in while there and seeing where we did ministry for 4 years.
  • Being a part of our yearly long-term worker retreat and a marriage retreat. (We haven’t been able to attend for multiple reasons the last 3 years, so this is really special)
  • Take time to seek and hear from the Lord whether moving back to Asia is in the future for us as a family.

We are super excited to reconnect with the work, spend time with other CTers, and celebrate all that God has done in and through CT these last 10 years.