So here I was in the middle of writing our next blog to send out to you dear ones about our awesome Turkey party we had Sunday with tons of our friends, but I ended up having to save it because our 2 friends showed up to our house a little early.  God knew what He was doing and that we would have something amazing to write about!

So our 2 guy friends, Dahong and Mike, came over tonight to have us show them how to make mashed potatoes and gravy. They had come to our Turkey day party this Sunday and were so intrigued with the mashed potatoes and gravy, so we jumped at the opportunity to teach them American food and invited them over. We got to walk them through making mashed potatoes and let them do each step because they wanted to remember and share it with their families. It was so funny to watch the excitement they had in learning this simple dish. We were having such a blast hanging out with them, eating potatoes (so yummy) and teaching them uno. They have a huge sense of humor and had us cracking up the whole night.
Hoagie started asking them questions about the story we shared of Jesus at our turkey party and what they believed. Right away their eyes light up as if they were waiting for us to ask and so excited that we finally did. They each took a turn and explained to us why they wanted to believe, trust and follow God with their lives. We talked for a little while answering questions to make sure they really understood what He did for them and what it meant to follow Him. It was then that the HS completely took control and fell over all of us! I have never seen two guys so moved & touched by the HS that they were speechless as He moved in their hearts that no words could express. We took advantage of what God was doing and asked them just to pray about whatever they felt was in their heart that they wanted to say to Him. It was so precious as Hoagie and I just got to witness them talk to God for the first time, “Hey, God how are you doing?! I just want you to know I believe I really believe in you and know you took all my bad things away and give me joy to follow you!”  “I want to know you more.” These were just some of the phrases I can remember that they spoke. GOD IS GOOD! He is calling His children back to himself.

The Lord is really being so faithful to lead us to the right people and pouring His HS over us! We have seen at least 6 people in the the city this last week come to Know God personally! Praise Him! There is nothing better or more exciting then seeing people come into relationship with Him.

It was such an awesome night. Will you commit in talking to God with us for Dahong and Mike? That He would continue to fill them with His spirit as they grow in who He is and share with boldness what He did for their friends and Family. They were so excited and wouldn’t have it any other way then to meet every week to praise God and learn more from the Bible to obey. Little did they know they just asked to start having church!!!

We love you all and so glad we have you to share everything God is doing! Hope you have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! There is always SO much to be thankful for. What are you thankful for this year?