Last night, was a very special/exciting time for our two new brothers. Hoagie and I got to walk through the Book with them about what baptism is and why we do it. They were very thoughtful of it yet very excited to follow what God told them from the book. It was so amazing to be apart of. Hoagie got to baptize both of them and both of them popped out of the water saying, “I have new life!” ha We  were all so touched by the presence of God last night. Hoagie and I are constantly reminded in these times how real, alive, worthy and amazing the God we serve is!

So this is just the beginning of what we call our “training group”. Now that they believe and follow God with their lives, we will get together and have fellowship with them every week. We share how we are doing, sing songs to God, Cast Vision of God wanting to know everyone, teach them 1 lesson each time like Holy Spirit, Jesus first, time w/ God, Grace and so on and practice then set goals for our week (who we will share with and train) and pray together for the week to commission each other out. They will be simple and straight from the word so that as they are sharing (and already have been) with their friends and family and when they come into the family they can pass on the same simple lessons and have church:)
Hoagie and I are very excited for how God will use this group and them to multiply and reach thousands for Him! Please keep this time and these 2 brothers in your thoughts and ask God to have His way in them.

We love you so much and thanks for being a great support to us. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, but didn’t eat too much turkey. We
definitely ate too much pumpkin pie this year…..;)