I just heard some amazing news that I needed to share with you. Remember that team that we just sent out near the end of August? Those 11 new workers have seen 12 university students put their faith in Christ before they had been in Asia for 3 weeks!!! How amazing is that?! Instead of me telling you more about it, I wanted to share a quick story from one of the new workers.

“Last week, my friends and I here learned how to share the message with our Asian friends. Since then, we have seen 3 girls come into the family!!!!!!!!! Let me tell you the story of the first girl of this year who came into the fam. Without the intention of going out to share the first day, my partner and I spent it practicing the gospel and praying. As it got farther into the evening we grew antsy, so we decided to go out onto campus, just to make friends.

Little did we know, God had something planned for us. We get to campus and the only students around are those who are in the library studying for classes that haven’t even started yet. So, we decide to check out the cafe but the menu is all in Asian! Two girls see us struggling to use our Google translate app, so they start to inch closer to us but apprehensively stop themselves. So, we go over to them, and well two coffee milk teas later, me and Lily have a new sister!

Our new sister was so captured by what God has done for us. Her eyes lit up and she leaned in, hungry to hear more, as we shared with her the best news there is. When we asked her if she wanted to start a relationship with God, immediately she said, YES! So excited, and beaming with joy, we prayed with her for the first time. We asked her how she felt afterwards; she felt respect and love for God! So, we started our day not knowing how to share the message of God and then end our day with an unexpected new sister!”

It’s amazing what happens when we take the little steps necessary to love people and share God’s love with those around us.