I came to Asia to work on my company matters, but God had even bigger plans. I have this friend here who sends me random messages on social media all the time, saying things like, “My workmates and I ate boiled fish tonight. May I ask you, do you like boiled fish?” Then he sends me a picture of the fish. So the other night he and I had dinner (the main dish was boiled fish), and he invited a girl he likes. When he told me about her, I just had this feeling…

I found out Ivy’s grandmother became a Christian 4-5 years before she passed away. Before long I told her I’d like to share the core of Christianity with her, and she quickly agreed. When I shared, I got a notepad out and showed the cross bridging the gap between us and God. She understood everything, even when I didn’t explain it well, and when I asked her if she wanted to believe, she said yes. It was amazing! Thank you, Jesus! She’s already connected with Serene, the church leader here.

In terms of the company, it hasn’t gone smashingly good or bad. A lawyer is helping me and will continue to do so after I go back. I’m flying home on Thursday this week. I miss my girls (Rozanne and our daughter)

Thanks for lifting us up! Please pray for no delays (I’ve heard talk of a typhoon) and for the company to be ready for sale before too long.