Since last fall we have been getting ready to go back over to Asia this summer. This past June 11th, made it 4 years since we had flown back to the States…. 4 years and 2 kids later, we are headed back for a long anticipated visit. We are lifting off this next week!

There are 3 main purposes of this trip:

1. To reconnect with the campuses and churches we worked with for those 4 years

2. To be a part of Campus Target’s 10 year anniversary celebration. Celebrating over 10,000 people hearing the good news, 1,000 making decisions for Christ and over 200 young adults sowing at least 9 months into missions is something to celebrate.

3. To ask God if He would have us move back to Asia in the next couple years. (we aren’t planning anything yet 😉

Last fall, we felt like it was really crucial for us to make this happen. With having kids and all the work to do Stateside, there wasn’t a right time to go. This summer is perfect though. The process was long and complicated, (new passports, visas, plane tickets and hotel rooms on both sides of the world) but it’s 99% done. We are so ready to get this adventure started.

It’s going to be an amazing 15 days for our family. We wanted to ask you if you would be praying for us.

Pray for safe travel with no complications. Taking two little boys on a plane around the world is a little nerve racking.

Pray that God would go before us. We are going to directly or indirectly minister to both our workers and Asian believers. We think He has some really special things for us personally too.

Also pray that all the finances we need for the trip would come in. It’s expensive to take a family of four to Asia. God has provided in some awesome ways already; being able to use someone’s airline miles and other special monies people have sent, but we haven’t covered all the expenses for our trip. We know we were supposed to step out in faith, knowing that God would provide.