We are finally getting healthy again! Our house has been sick since the week before Thanksgiving… and this week we are finally getting over it. Still a little sore throat for Hero and I, but that should be gone soon.

I wanted to make sure we wished you a Merry Christmas! This year has gone so fast, it’s amazing. We hope you have a great Holiday season and that your New Year starts off wonderful.

We are so thankful for you, your prayers and financial giving. Our family is so lucky to have a team like you behind us. We have had a great fall recruiting so far, almost 20 events and 14 applications, with around 25 more events coming this spring and dozens of potential recruits still in our pipeline. Keep praying that the rest of our recruiting year goes above expectations.

A story from our team in Asia

“One particular night we went out with 3 girls, all who claimed to not believe in the existence of God. After sharing with them, we asked to pray with them that God would bless their studies and that they would know His love. Immediately after praying, one of the girls, Joan, burst into tears! “What are you feeling?” I asked. “I… I… I can feel His love,” she said as she choked through her tears. By the end of the night, all three girls had gone from believing that there was no such thing as God to “there is a God and although I’m not ready to start a relation, I want to know more.” It’s amazing how an encounter with our Father’s love can really shift things! On my last day in C-Town, 2 of the girls I had done some training with saw 3 people say yes to God and then the following day saw 2 people say yes! So in just 24 hours of my last training with them, they saw 5 new sisters!!!”

That story is from one of our workers in Asia. These students are the reason we are working to recruit and mobilize young adults to the missions field. Because there are millions of students that have never heard the Gospel.