Hi, and Merry Christmas! There’s a city in Asia, CD, that Campus Target has worked in since the beginning. Over the years we’ve seen varied ministry success there, but this year there’s been an explosion of fruitfulness.

The main reason: Mexico! We have a large team of Mexican first-year workers there, and they are killing it. They have an intense devotion to prayer – these young men and women each pray over 10 hours a week for their friends. Then they go out and share like crazy, and both the long-term and first-year workers have seen God meet many college students already.

Here’s a recent report from the city leader in CD:

“Leeroy [a long-term worker] shared with Walker a few weeks ago about believing in his heart and proclaiming Jesus with his mouth. At the time, Walker wasn’t ready. Then on Wednesday, over a burrito dinner, he said, ‘I want to proclaim it with my mouth! When you talk about God, I feel so wonderful, so how much better will it be when I proclaim it with my own mouth?!’

Then the next day, Nala [a Mexican first-year CTer] was able to share the Good News with Alice. She immediately responded, ‘Yes, I want that!’ After she chose to receive him, with joy she expressed, ‘I feel different. I feel something in my heart… I can’t describe this amazing feeling!’

Last night I received word of another friend joining the family. I haven’t even had the chance to hear the story yet about how Nala and Penny were able to lead Junxi into a personal relationship with God!

We are seeing God do some amazing things so far this semester. Since the start of this school year, not only have we seen our family grow, but those in small groups have increased 50%! He is moving and you are a part of it! Thank you so much for standing with us!”


Not only are people meeting personally with God, but they’re also committing to grow together and get established in small house churches. Many will choose to be baptized, and we’re excited to see the church growing in CD.

As Christmas draws near, I hope you’re doing well. Buttercup and I are thankful for the comfort of God and of close friends and family in our lives right now, and I pray that you’re experiencing the same as well. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.