Each person that walks into TrainingCamp in August has walked a unique path of conversations, personal sacrifices and relationships. This ranges from people forgoing scholarships to being away while family members struggle with serious sickness. One of the most common situations our workers walk through is talking with their parents about going to Asia. Kinda crazy when you think about it!!

One of our workers, Chizzle didn’t have to do this once but twice. Early last fall, she shared with her parents that she was thinking about missions. Like most good parents, there were some serious questions about their daughter going overseas a year after finishing a teaching degree. Also, they still have strong desires for her to succeed in her career and in her life ahead. With these things in mind, we had written off the chance of her joining our team for this year. But that all changed after a call from one of our recruiting team members.

After talking and prayer together, Chizzle took more time to settle that this is something that God had for her this year. She dove into the deep end and brought it up again with her parents. But this time they said “If this is what you feel God has for you, we are behind you.” It’s that courage, from both Chizzle and her parents, that leads to young adults stepping out into missions.

Hundreds of Asian college students are going to be affected with the Gospel because she was willing to do something intimidating and reaffirm the desires God has put in her heart.

This fall we are seeing 17 new first year workers, from 3 countries (U.S.A., Mexico and Malaysia) commissioned onto the campuses in Asia. It is an amazing group that, to me, stand out above other years.

One, is that we are sending tremendous leaders that happen to be first year workers. About half of the team has significant ministry experience. From leading short term trips to Asia to running their campus ministry group or being on a year-long missions trip around the world. One of the guys on our team came to Asia last year for a short-term trip and ended up staying 2 more months than expected. Others regularly travel with their pastor, preaching and ministering alongside them. Incredible!

The second thing that stands out is that this past summer was the best summer of support raising that CT has ever seen. Our team here Stateside came into camp over 92% fully funded, when usually it’s closer to 75%. In real terms, that’s around a $25,000 swing. They showed the commitment and hard work it takes to get to the mission field. And we couldn’t have had a better team of support raising coaches to talk with them once a week.

As the team has been sent out, this next year of recruiting has already begun. Event planning has been happening since early summer. Two events down already with hopefully around forty-five more to go. We will be all over New York State and traveling as far as Indianapolis and Florida.

Keep us in prayer as we are already talking with young adults about joining our team this next year.