Hey there! I hope all is well with you. Here’s a quick update on what’s going on right now in Campus Target and my life. The two-weekTraining Camp that Campus Target holds every August has ended. This camp trains and equips first year workers to know what to expect their first year of ministry in Asia. A group of 11 young adults are in Asia right now building relationships, evangelizing, and eating a ton of authentic food!

August 7th In C-town, Asia, Campus Target hosted the bi-annual national leaders’ meeting. This is a time for Asian college students (that have been trained in leadership for the churches) to meet. For the first time, it was all Asian planned and led, and they did amazing! Holy Spirit was touching many hearts, and many were challenged in their faith and callings. Lots of prayer and fasting. 3 newer people also got baptized!

I’m starting my last semester of school now! I just finished my first week at Bible college. I’m living in the dorms for the first time, and my roommate is an international student from Cameroon, Africa! I’ll be studying the Old Testament, Foundations for Life, English Composition, Hermeneutics, and Marriage & The Family. After this semester ends, I’ll be going back to Asia! I’m so excited to go back, but it’ll be a bittersweet leave:)

Prayer request for this month would be:

I would be able to focus for school work and raising money for going back to Asia

The native believers in Asia that they will continue to grow in their faith and leadership

The first year workers that they will have the boldness to step out and share the Gospel with college students