I was exhausted, but sleep was not coming easily. The last time I had looked at the clock before finally drifting off it was almost 1:00 AM…soon I was awakened by a whining sound that made it seem as if the mosquito was right in my ear. In vain I swung my hand through the dark, trying to catch the insect in her act. I was groggy, but I knew the sound would only come back to threaten me.

Another mosquito bite. The thought of it made me almost start whining myself. I’ve already involuntarily given more blood THIS WEEK than during all the summer MONTHS combined.

Then the thought came to me: If I got up to spend some time with God, the light in my room would be on, and I could possibly see the mosquito and kill it. Then I could go back to sleep. Peaceful sleep. What time was it, anyway? I hit the light on my alarm clock on the night stand next to the bed. The light blue glow revealed it was shortly after 5:00 in the morning…But then again, maybe the mosquito would just go away and let me sleep. I prayed that it would…The whining buzzed by my head another time, and that made up my mind.

Three hours later, I noticed a lighter atmosphere on the other side of the gray curtains. Glancing at the clock, I realized it was almost 8:30. What an incredible time with God! I hadn’t had the chance to fall back asleep! He had wanted to spend the time with me, and He used a mosquito to call me into His presence!

I had read from His Word, journaled a bit, and read from a book I brought with me called Jesus Freaks, which shares numerous stories of people (young and old) who unashamedly gave their lives to Him and chose never to look back, no matter what the cost. I started to call out to God for more of a passion for His name! I want to give Him everything I have! I started calling out to Him to come to our campus in power!

Later that night…we gathered for our weekly house church meeting led by the believers on our campus. It had a rough start. The visiting preacher showed up a half hour late. While waiting for him, we fumbled through worship. We forgot to do the usual introductions when everyone says their name, the name of their hometown, and their major. But towards the end of the meeting, a girl who had come only one time before wanted to testify.

She shared a story that had happened this past week where God proved Himself more powerful than the Buddhism in which her family believed. She experienced a great pain in her head, and after calling out to God, it was relieved. The pain kept coming back, and each time she prayed for it to leave. God completely answered her each time! Afterwards sharing her story, she gave her life to Christ! Then, three girls said they wanted to pray to ask God for the baptsim of the Holy Spirit!