“I’m looking for the meaning of life.”

I was at an English corner (a meeting where people get together and practice English), standing in a circle of 10-15 people, and one young man named Broddy spoke these words. He had a big grin, happened to be from the province I taught English in last time I was here, and seemed as likable as chicken noodle soup on a cold day. Smart, too. And it occurred to me that he was just the kind of person Vash and I had come here to meet.

That night it seemed like the skies above had opened up and everything we said made sense. People were nodding, and everyone seemed to be asking questions about God. Well, two nights ago, Vash and I met with Broddy to explain the good news to him. After we had talked and answered lots of questions, I asked the big one. “He’s calling; will you answer?” He said, with sincerity, that he would think about what we had said and let us know. A moment later, he excused himself for a bathroom break.

Vash and I looked at each other. “We just explained the good news to somebody who never heard it before.”

Would you join us in asking God to finish the work? We really feel like this was a divine set-up.