“Do you believe Jesus is the Son of God?”

“Have you asked Him to be your Lord and Savior?”

“Why do you want to be baptized?”

We were standing in the large bathroom of one of my friends, many people gathered around a tub to witness the baptisms. We had just baptized four believers, 3 of them leaders of the house church we work with. Now, one of my close friends decided she wanted to get baptized too!

Even though the group had another baptism time scheduled for the future, the leaders had agreed to do this preliminary one so that more leaders would be available to do the dunking for other members of the group. My friend Jessica wasn’t going to be in town when the other one was planned to take place, so she decided last minute that she wanted to do it now. When we had originally brought up the topic of baptism, Jessica expressed interest in using the local swimming pool to get dunked, but now that the time had come, she decided to use the tub with everyone else.

I asked Jessica the three questions and then gave her the floor to share with the group about how God had come into her life and changed her and how she wanted to show her desire to follow Him. What a powerful time!

“I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!” Jessica went under the water and came back up, completely wet and happy!

Including this first b-ptism and since that time, 21 people from our house church have been baptized! Praise God!