Have you ever had “Happy Birthday” sung to you in another language? Well, I got to experience that today for the first time! My birthday is tomorrow, and after our Sunday party today, my local friends surprised me with a card, and some amazing muffins that my roommate and my friend Fair made for me. It was totally unexpected, and such a blessing!

It’s hard to believe that I’ll be leaving this city in just over two weeks now. It makes me value my time a lot more. I’m trying to make every meeting meaningful, to say the most important things. It’s daunting too, because there’s not much time left! However, Father’s grace is more than enough, and keeps me going even when tiredness or sickness threatens to keep me down.

I’m genuinely looking forward to coming home, but I’m not looking forward to leaving Asia. I’ve made so many friends here, and seen Father move in so many new and wonderful ways! I’m glad I’ll be returning in the fall, but it will be to a new city, so it will definitely be different. As my teammate Mayday once said, “I’m feeling the pull of two worlds.” I’m thankful for Father, who keeps me in Him.