One day this past week I came home to my apartment to find out that the electricity was turned off. One of the other girls who lives with me had called one of our friends to come over and help us out.

Well, come to find out, we hadn’t paid our bill, so they turned off the power. We had been paying something every month, but now we know that is only the gas bill.

Mei wen ti. No problem! Except that one of the guys on our team had asked if our apartment could be the host sight for a party. He wanted to hang out with his basketball friends and let them taste American food. Another girl and I were planning on making hamburgers and pizza, but there was no electricity!

We thought about a bunch of different options…we could ask the neighbors if they would let us plug in the ovens over at their apartment, but no one was home…The more we thought about it, we decided it probably would be a little awkward to play games in the candlelight. In the end, we opted not to go with the romantic atmosphere and ended up moving the oven, all the food, and cooking utensils (bowls, dishes, knives, etc) over to the guys’ place where it would be perfectly lit and conducive to cooking dinner.

What a fun night! The b-ball team helped with the cooking, and now they’re pretty much pros!