Once again, my apartment was the host sight for a girls’ get-together. We ordered in dinner, played a game, sang some songs, and then told the story of Samuel, the little boy who lived in the temple. He heard God speak to him! We broke up into small groups of 2-3 people and talked about hearing the voice of the Lord. Each of us Christians shared personal examples from our own lives of how we recognized God’s voice.

One of the girls in my group expressed herself. “I want to believe, but I need an experience like you have had!” My teammate had previously spent some time with this same girl a few weeks ago and had the opportunity to share with her that there is a God who created everything in the world (including her!) and who loves people so much!

This girl really wants to know God and confess her belief in Him, but she needs to make sure it is not just a western belief system that we are speaking of. She expressed that many native people just believe in themselves, and if they ever have any problems, they just ask their parents or someone else to help them.

The idea that God loves her and wants to be a part of her life is a brand new concept for her! At this time it is difficult for her to take the step forward and declare belief in Him because that decision will be life changing, but God is drawing her! She and I prayed together for God to show Himself.

Pray for her to have a personal experience with God that will draw her into relationship with Him!