The Christmas season proved to be a great time to share about our Lord’s arrival on earth, and we talked about it at every opportunity we could. One of those times comes to mind…

A bunch of us girls toured the wet market, looking for the necessary items on our dinner menu. Some of Buttercup’s and my friends were fixing us a few traditional Asian dishes, and as we were browsing through the aisles, it came up in conversation that another one of their friends wanted to join us, but they weren’t sure if it was ok. Buttercup and I said it was ok, but they were still hesitant. Finally we understood why. Their friend was a guy, and he would be crashing our all-girls gathering. We briefly thought about it and decided it was ok to include their guy friend.

It proved to be a good choice! He was very helpful when it came time to carry our food purchases home from the market. 🙂

While the girls fixed dinner in the kitchen, Buttercup talked with their friend, and told him the Christmas story. Although many interruptions prohibited her from telling it straight through from start to finish, after each interruption he prompted her to keep telling him the story and reminded her where she had left off. Once Buttercup finished telling the story of Christ’s birth and why He came to earth, he told us he had never heard about Jesus before he met us and now that he has heard this story, he will tell it to everyone he gets a chance to. WOW!

We asked him if he would like to make the decision to believe in Jesus for himself, and he said he would think about it. Pray for his heart to personally know the Savior!