A few weekends ago, my housemate and I took a trip to a minority village by invitation to celebrate the new year from one of the new friends we made at the Christmas party our group hosted. Though we thought we were traveling with her to her hometown, we found out that we were actually on a trip she had organized…with about 15 other students.

Perfect! New friends! One of the guys (we’ll call him “T”) seemed to be really interested in God and my beliefs. As we toured the village, hiked the mountain sides, and visited a Buddhist temple, I shared and shared and shared. Seeds were planted.

Currently it is exam time, and most of our friends are studying very hard. T finished one of his exams and had a bit of free time. We arranged a meeting place, and I brought one of the guys from our group along while he brought his roommate.

Over a cup of hot chocolate at McDonald’s the conversation centered around God. It came up that T had been invited to and attended the weekly house fellowship this past week, but he expressed he was scared when he had left the meeting because he knew that belief in God would mean a big change in his world view. Jesus is rocking his world!

He needed to have proof that God is real. He asked if he could ask God to do something, like make a hamburger appear in front of him. I steered him away from testing God and encouraged him to talk with Him, to share his feelings of being scared and unsure, and to ask God to show himself.

Then a large dose of God’s love for T and his roommate filled me up! I told them I know for certain that God loves them very much and that God’s love is so big, so high, so wide, so long…that it is so great He sent His Son to take away their sins! Tears filled my eyes because of the incredible, overwhelming sense of God’s love. T tried inconspicuously to wipe the tears away, and his roommate’s eyes were also filled!

Though neither made a decision right then, both T and his roommate were undeniably touched by God’s love. Pray they will know Father!