Two times within the past week I’ve found myself in strange and unusual situations, situations that involve a group of people, a microphone, and an invitation to sing.

I enjoy listening to or watching people perform; I don’t usually look forward to an invitation to join them.

Maybe some people are comfortable singing in front of a large group, but I’m not. However, twice this week I happened to be in an audience watching people perform with instruments and vocals when they invited me to sing! AHHHHHHHHHH! Time to decline and leave the immediate area, right?

Nope! This was an opportunity for me to further the kingdom of God! I’m aware the local people are watching me; they are expecting me to not reject their offer. My insecurity cannot hold me back from showing them that I care more about them than I do about my own comfort. So I sing.

The first time this happened this week, in response to their request for an American song, I sang the beginning verse of “Your Love is Amazing.” Yup, right in public! I participated in this opportunity to declare “the Kingdom of God has come!”

The second time I was in the audience listening to a performance, I whispered to my American friend who was standing next to me, “If they ask me to sing, I’m going to sing ‘Amazing Grace’.” Not even five minutes later I was asked to sing a song in English, and -bamb!- I had already been prompted by the Holy Spirit as to what He wanted me to proclaim!

Sometimes those of us over here talk about how crazy life seems. We’ve all done things we’d never even think of doing before we came and gave our lives in this way. Someday soon, though, I hope to write about even crazier things, like miracles. Yeah, we’ve been asking for them because we know God is capable of them, and we want to see his Spirit move in power among the people here! Who knows what will happen tomorrow?