As soon as my friend ‘sweet chocolate’ told me about her friend she met in an airplane, I knew that I had to meet him.

Just from hearing her describe him I already knew we had a lot of things in common. First off she said his name. Check. Second, she said he is a handsome boy. Check. (thats a joke people. a joke.)

Sweet Chocolate said that she gave him her phone number, but did not know if he would call her. As it turns out, he called her not even 24 hours later! Much to her excitement :), and also mine, we hung out with him as soon as we could.

He took us to a famous, historical place in this city. It was an old street with a plethera of tea shops were. The day itself was absolutly amazing. The sun was shining, there was a light breeze, and we all had our cups of delicious flower tea.

We had a great time that afternoon. We got to know about his family a little bit and also about himself. As I was watching and listening to what he was saying, I gathered that he is in a ‘seeking’ stage. Which is really exciting!

I thank God for this opportunity to meet this man and I am so thankful I have the chance to be a part of his life. Even though his English skills are not the best, I know the Gospel is the most powerful thing known to man-kind!

It overcomes all walls, languages, and cultures! I am expecting great things to happen with his life and I will most definetly keep you informed!