My teammate “Rockstar” and I met Lianna on the third day we were here, and from the beginning we knew God was directing the friendship. About a month after we met her and her boyfriend, they both joined the Family over duck soup.

Throughout the past four months Lianna has brought friends with her when we hang out, and all of them have joined the Family too! Lianna herself has been able to lead them, showing them how to talk with God and explaining to them what we had explained to her about salvation.

Now there’s a group of four girls that “Rockstar” and I meet with once a week to tell them more about Jesus. It’s such an exciting opportunity to lead these girls and walk with them as they explore this new kingdom they are now a part of! For the most part they are clean slates, and everything we share with them is new and received with childlike faith.

At our last meeting, it was such an honor to be a part of this step in the process of their discipleship. “Rockstar” was sharing, and they were taking notes in the journals we had just given them. One of them stopped for a minute to ask how to spell Jesus.

“It’s the first time to write Jesus’ name,” she explained.

This is a season of “first times” for a lot of things, and it’s a tremendous privilege to help them grow!