I want to tell you about a man we call ‘Bear’. Sure that’s his English name, but it doesn’t make that much sense. He is a short and skinny young man, but I guess it works.

Anyhow, I met him many months ago when I first arrived here, and we became friends. He is student at a Medical College. I have visited there a couple of times. And boy was it fun!

We have gone into the labs at his school and made local medicine together, visited a dinosaur museum, and played soccer many times. I would say that he is becoming a very close friend of mine. He has been a regular at the weekend meetings for about a year now. But still has not a made a full decision to follow Jesus.

I have spoken with him many times about the things of God and have tried to get down to the bottom of things. But recently I got it!

It took about 4 months of developing relationship before he really opened up, but boy was it worth it! After soccer one day we went and grabbed some food together nearby the fields.

I had made it a point that during this meal I would ask him directly what was holding him back from a full-on decision. And that very thing happened. From there we went into a sweet and Holy Spirit-led discussion about the fears he had and why he was not making a decision at that time.

As he was speaking, the Lord was dropping scriptures in my heart to share with him and also words of encouragment. It was awesome! I feel that very soon he is going to be making a decision for the King!

The bear is truly an animal, but no match for our God! Ha, thats so cheesy. Love you all! Keep kickin’ it for Papa!