There are many mysteries in life. One is which end of your body you should put at the seat of the toilet. Usually this is not a mystery for most people, unless one is sick.

I’ve come to realize that in these predicaments of intense sickness, the usual end sits on the throne, while a bowl is placed at the mouth to catch whatever involuntarily comes out. I’ve had a few opportunities in my lifetime to practice this solution, one of which was given to me this week in the form of either the 24 hour bug or food poisoning.

Hour after hour my body faithfully pursued its goal of trying to give up whatever foreign thing had entered it unwelcomed. I stole moments of rest in between the many trips to the bathroom, gaining energy to fight the next battle in the war.

My roommate faithfully stayed by my side throughout the entire ordeal and brought me whatever I needed. If I called for water, she came running; for sprite (we don’t have easy access to ginger ale), she came even quicker. She bought crackers and gatorade to get me on the mend.

Finally I slept a few hours straight without any interruptions, and things started to look upward. At last I was relieved from the confusing conflict (that probably should have been kept confidential, except I’m sharing it with all of you). I’m feeling much better as I write this.

Every day in life is proof of His grace. Some days just make me more aware of it, you know? His grace truly is sufficient for everything!