Revival is an exciting thing.

One of the campuses we are working on this year has had a small group of about 6 Christians meeting for the past several years. Workers had launched it years ago, but were not able to stay to continue to work with it. In a university of 80% boys, this group was made up of 80% girls. They were struggling to reach their campus. Through a divine connection, the group's leader approached us and asked for help, so we sent one of our teams to focus on strengthening this group and reaching the campus.

Three months later we are in total awe of what God is doing. This group has exploded from a small cloister to 2 groups that have over 30 people meeting in them every week. Every week multiple students are giving their life to Christ. A couple weeks ago 2 of our girls led a discipleship Bible study, but only 5 unsaved girls showed up. Two hours later all of them gave their lives to Christ. There is a student on an auxiliary campus of the university that is leading people to Christ left and right and is begging for help to start another college church.

People are visiting from other Christian groups because they heard there was a revival and they wanted to know what it looked like. It has been unbelievable. Our workers have more people to disciple there than they know what to do with. Our team there is fantastic, but each of them would say they can't take an ounce of credit for what is happening.

Two months ago, Cher and I met with this team to pray for their campus and the prophetic prayer that came out was, “an open heaven over the campus.” And that is exactly what we have seen. God is blowing our minds and our expectations! May He do it on every campus in this country.