I (Dove) received an unexpected call tonight from my dear friend Jane. Immediately I recognized her voice. She’s been back in her hometown, filling a teaching position that she started about a month ago. I think we’ve talked once since she started the job, but tonight as we connected, there was so much joy and excitement in her voice!

She shared with me that this week she connected with a church that’s not far from her house, and she was SO EXCITED!!! (Remember, we prayed together about that? That God would help her find a church nearby? And YOU have been praying for her too for these exact things!)

Jane also expressed that she had been doubting whether or not to keep following God, but right now all she feels is love towards Him and that she wants to keep on pursuing Him and even wants opportunities to share Him with others. She told me how grateful she is that I reached out to her and gave her the opportunity to know God. (It’s moments like this that make everything worth being here and make me extremely grateful for everyone who stands behind us and sends us, making it possible for us to be here!!!)

WOW! Our prayers are making a difference! Let’s keep lifting her up! She is exhausted most days when she comes home from working her new job, but God wants to keep drawing her close to Himself, strengthening her in Him, and helping her to be a light to those still in darkness.

All glory to the One who is worthy!