It has been awesome being over here in Asia. I’ve already made loads of friends and am enjoying the food immensely. Speaking of food and friends, three nights ago I was out getting some delicious shao kao aka street barbecue. It’s delicious! We were celebrating the fact that two new sisters have joined the family. In secret, my roommate and I were celebrating his birthday. He had asked that I not reveal to the others it was his birthday, so I kept it a secret. As many of you know I am very sarcastic. So when I told them at 12:00 am it had been his birthday no one believed me. We eventually convinced them and their reaction was hilarious. It was a great day.

Thanks so much for the prayers! If you would pray for this week there will be many opportunities to introduce people to God. Pray that I’ll have the words to say and that people would hear and know the truth.