Copied key for the apartment (that didn’t work) — $0.29
Laundry rack (broken once we got it home) — $3.29
Bike (pedal fell off twice) — $35.71
Serving Jesus in Asia — Priceless

In all seriousness, how does one find a friend in this new country? I had been here for a couple days and was ready to start making friends. A good place to begin is at the university campuses, so I headed over to one, but on the way over one of the pedals on my newly purchased navy blue bike came off. I was forced to walk the bike the rest of the way there. Was this just a little glitch in my day, or did it have a purpose?

I was still hurrying to get to the campus, but now I had more than making friends on my mind. I needed to find one of the English speakers to help me get my bike fixed. “Good thing many of the students speak English!” I kept thinking to myself. “This shouldn’t be too hard.” I also wondered what else God had in store for me. He reminded me he works everything together for good for those he has called. He has called me, but who else was he calling? My eyes started looking around.

Soon I found someone to point me in the direction of a bike shop. Along the way I met up with another person who spoke really good English and was interested in my predicament. 🙂 Here she was! The appointment I had been set up for! After the bike was fixed, my new friend Jennifer gave me a tour of her large campus…on our bikes, of course! We’ve exchanged phone numbers, and I hope to meet up with her again soon.