This past week, we were all in K-Ville celebrating, relaxing, and scouting. Even though we were going to chill with friends and ‘family’, the Lord was speaking to all of us in a deep way.

During the week we had the privilege of scouting out new campuses for next year. There were 4 campuses in total that we hit. And each group has a divine appointment on their specific campus! It was totally awesome.

I got to speak with a student named Edward. His English was incredible, and he knew more words than I do. My adjectives are a maximum of 5 words. This guy was saying things that I read in Shakespeare novels. It was awesome.

More importantly…during the past couple years God has been stirring something on the inside of Edward. He had so so so many questions about God, creation, sin, and the Bible. The Holy Spirit was moving in a great way during our conversation and everything we talked about led to the cross. It was awesome!

Before leaving I felt that I should challenge Edward. I told him before he goes to bed that night, to get down on his knees, and to ask God to reveal Himself to him. Hearing this, Edward was very excited. The idea that God wanted to meet with him totally blew his mind.

It was such a God given and lead conversation. God’s moving in K-Ville. His plans are unfolding right before our eyes. His hand is moving all across this nation. It’s such a joy to be a part of it here.

And once again I am reminded that it’s just the beginning!

Nothin’ but love family!