Hi! Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe the first month of 2014 has already gone by!

Recently all of Campus Target’s workers in Asia gathered together for our annual conference with Target Ministries. We had been separated these past few months, each in different cities spread across Asia, each working to share the Gospel with students on the top 100 campuses.

During a session for testimonies, CT workers lined the side of the room, waiting to share something that God has done over the past few months (see the attached picture). Story after story was told about how God miraculously led them to students who were ready to receive Him. Then someone shared how one of the girls they are training received a prophetic picture of an ant one day when she was spending time with God. The girl told them she felt like God showed her that ants can carry many times their own weight, and she felt God was calling her to be a leader in their fellowship of believers. Amazing! One of our coworkers shared that someone she led to Jesus decided to make a detour on the way home for the New Year this year just so that she could share the Gospel with a friend from high school.

We on the Campus Target team have shared Jesus with hundreds of students since August. Around 100 of them have made the decision to follow Him. Each of their stories is a miracle- of how God connects people, opens up opportunities to share the Gospel, and of how he opens up hearts to believe. He is doing it just like He said He would!

Also, another kind of testimony started to emerge. These young people who have joined Campus Target to share Jesus with university students in Asia shared how they themselves were meeting Jesus in new ways. The Gospel they were sharing with others was becoming more real in their own lives. Some of the workers confessed they didn’t really believe God answered prayer before they came here. Now they are praying for people all the time and expecting God to move. Their lives are being transformed too!!

Thank you for all you’ve done- for giving sacrificially of your finances and of your time to pray for us and the work.  I wish you could have been sitting in that room with me, seeing the change in their lives. This is part of the impact you are making! You are an important part of this team! Without you linking arms together with us, we wouldn’t be able to be here, sharing God’s love in Asia. Thank you!

Right now most of our workers are traveling to a Asian friend’s house to celebrate the New Year. Please pray that God would open up opportunities for our new Christian friends to share with their families and pray that they would be bold!

The adventure continues!