Over these last few days, I have been continuously busy. On Thursday, I left the house at 10:30am and got home at 10:50pm. On Friday, I left at 9:30am and got home at 10:15pm. Things are so busy for us here right now as we try to have meaningful times with friends before they go home for Spring Festival – a major holiday here in Asia.

In the midst of all this busyness, Indy and I really wanted to have a Bible study in the Asian language. When I told my Asian friends Summer and Christina that we could meet on Friday night to study the Book together, they responded with excitement and anticipation. “Really? In our language? With other Asian people?”

Unfortunately, when Friday came, Indy and I had zero time to plan and were both at an energy breaking point. Indy hadn’t gotten to invite anyone yet and it was already 4pm. The study was supposed to start around 6. He looked at me with fatigue and said, “I don’t know if I’m going to have anyone. I’m sorry.”

I took a minute before my next meeting and prayed something like this: “God, I need you. I don’t want to do this alone. I’ve never led a study by myself in the native language. But you are more than enough for me. Show me what to do. Help me.”

At 5:30pm my meeting ended. I sent a text to Indy with low expectations. “So, how’s it looking for tonight?” He immediately called and said that 4 people he invited were coming! And one of them was traveling from 40 minutes away just to be there!

This is where it starts getting truly miraculous.

  • I’d had a sense that we should read the account of Jesus birth. I wasn’t sure why, so I asked Indy if he’d had any direction from God. When he paused and said, “Well, I was thinking of the Christmas story,” I felt a major relief of confirmation. We’re on the right track!
  • Then, when Summer, Christina and I met up with Indy and his friends, Christina let out a squeal of excitement. “You’re here, too!?” Two of the people who showed up were girls from Christina’s class. Major plus.
  • As we all gathered around Indy’s coffee table, Indy started by welcoming everyone and sharing moments where he learned what it meant to follow God. Everyone in the room had tears in their eyes – including me.
  • Then Esther, one of the girls in our study that night, told us that someone just committed suicide by jumping off the dormitory. Then, one of the guys, asked if following God helped you to love life more. And I got to share my story of how God put love and passion in my heart.
  • When we finally got to opening up the Word itself, we gave an introduction to it. It was Summer and Christina’s first time to hold a Bible. I was thinking that we should read the account of Jesus’ birth from Matthew, but first asked Indy what he thought. Again, we’d both had the same idea. Oh the blessing of unity!
  • Everyone had amazing questions.The Holy Spirit was moving in all of our hearts and minds. No one was fighting the truth. They were all just enamored with the idea that God might actually be real.
  • When Esther asked Christina, “Aren’t you a Buddhist?” Christina said back, “No way!” (Even though she previously told me she was) He can change any heart!
  • At the closing, I really wanted to sing a song in the native language. It’s very simple and it just says, “I love, I love, I love your presence. I love, I love, I love you Jesus.” Indy asked me if I would lead us in singing that very song. Confirmation for the win!

There were so many extra special moments I haven’t written about in there. I got to challenge Nicole’s idea that we don’t have spirits in a way that was gentle, clear, and impactful; Indy asked our friends simple question that led them into a revelation that Jesus loves Asia; Nicole couldn’t stop singing the song we all sang together! And do you realize, THIS WHOLE THING HAPPENED IN the Asian Language??!?

HE IS SO GOOD! As Indy walked me home, we rejoiced together over how great He really is. He helped us in our fatigue and weakness. He gave us strength, energy, and clarity of mind. He took the burden upon his own shoulders. He carried us. He equipped us. He used us to do his will. He has all of the power, all of the wisdom, and we’re giving him all of the glory!

The success of that night wasn’t because of me or Indy. It was because of God. He poured out his grace over us and we just got to go with the flow.

Reaching the World together!