Do you remember Kristine? A coworker and I shared with her about Jesus at a milk tea shop, and she has been following Him ever since! Since she got saved, more “Bing Fengs” (a.k.a saved people) have started rolling in (we’re up to about 20 now!). Every week we hear the stories of people who are making decisions to follow Jesus. They are even leading their friends to believe in Him!

What happens after saved people start pouring in?

We invite them to meet together and start a church!

Kristine started bringing her friends with her to our weekly church meeting. One friend really connected with the group, but comes once in a while, when she has time. Another friend’s parents didn’t agree with her coming to our meetings, so she stopped coming. Kristine invited another friend (whom I’ll call Julie, though it is not her real name) to take her place. “This friend’s grandmother is a Christian, so certainly her family wouldn’t oppose her coming,” was Kristine’s line of thinking. A couple weeks later Julie announced that she was a Christian. She had decided to believe! The two girls come every week and are now growing in their new life together!

This past weekend our team held Thanksgiving parties, and both the girls shared their testimonies with students who are not yet saved. Boldly they shared about their lives before they met Jesus and how much has changed after they gave Him their lives. My heart was bursting as I heard them share! Their testimonies are powerful!

We’re now not only focusing on sharing with students who have never heard the Gospel, but we’re also putting an emphasis on starting a church and growing leaders. It can personally seem overwhelming when there is so much need and so much to do, but it is also an exciting time to be alive! Asian students are open to the Gospel! Together we’re going to change a nation!

Praying your Thanksgiving Holiday is filled with His love and peace.