Ruby, one of our coworkers, received a text from an unknown number saying, “This is Kathy. I want to follow Jesus and join God’s family.” At first she felt apprehensive that it might be a trap from someone who didn’t want her to share the gospel, but after talking with her leader she decided to cautiously go with her partner to see what God was doing. When they arrived, they discovered it was a friend who had neglected to tell them she had chosen the English name Kathy—and she was hungry for God! She said, “Since you shared with me 2 weeks ago, I just keep feeling stronger and stronger that I need Jesus in my life. Please help me start a relationship with Him.” And so they did. Now Kathy is following Jesus, and I believe He is going to use her to bring Jesus to many of her friends as well.

In the last 2 weeks we have seen 6 students start to follow Jesus. It has been amazing to see just how many people have open hearts towards God here. Another of those who gave her life to Christ is the President of the largest English club on campus, an influential position and extremely strategic for reaching more students for Christ. And from the moment she got saved she was already thinking about how she could tell more people about Him!

Students are coming to Christ and the first baby churches we have been involved with planting in this city are starting to be born. I love watching God work!