The Thanksgiving celebration in the southern city was wonderful! It was so good to see our other teammates there, as well as the other long-term workers in our organzation! Good times!

It is so good to be back in our home city, though. I missed my friends! We called up Sophia to ask her if she was free to go shopping with us for Christmas decorations. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s time for Christmas! She was free, so we spent the afternoon at a nearby wholesale market, trying to decide between silver and gold garland to compliment the red and green, though they also had blue and pink garland to choose from as well! She really liked the bright colors, but we tried as best as we could to explain that because pink and blue are not the traditional Christmas colors, they don’t really make us think of Christmas as much as red and green. However, Christmas decorations was just the side conversation.

We really wanted to catch up on her past week. How did things go while we were away? She and another new believer had led the Girls’ Night that still took place even though my teammate and I were away. She reported all went well and then shared that she had brought one of her friends to the weekly family meeting, and her friend made the decision THAT NIGHT to join the family! It was her friend’s first time to come to a meeing like this, and she was ready to follow Jesus!

I’ve met Sophia’s friend, Ivy. She is a gem! I am really looking forward to spending more time with her! An English major like Sophia, Ivy has great English and makes communication easy! When I heard her tell her own story about last week’s family meeting, she explained her belief in God with such simple, child-like faith, just as described in the Bible! More and more people are being drawn into the family! The harvest is plentiful!!!