They left about 1 and ½ hours ago. There were 8 of them this week. This Saturday was the 3rd of 6 weekly teachings. “They” were the group of believers that have been recognized as potential leaders. The teachings have been some major foundational lessons that will equip them to train others, having a better understanding of the faith themselves. It was incredible!

Two weeks ago, we had them make a list of five friends each to pray for their salvation. And that day, we all prayed together for those friends and family members to come to know God. We told them to keep praying for their friends and assured them that God would draw them. This week, they ALL had testimonies. One guy's parents BOTH came to know God that first day we prayed! Another one had a breakthrough conversation with her father – her dad's former animosity toward her Faith dissipated as he recognized the divine change in her! Another one's friend on the list actually came with her this week to our meeting and recommitted her life to the Lord today! Another one is seeing his parents step towards God and is expecting great things this month as his parents will come to visit…this boy's grandma has already become a believer. These are just a few of the stories! It is incredible to see God reaching His hand into their lives and the lives of the ones closest to them, and doing miraculous things. It is growing. God is moving. He is melting hearts. He is opening eyes. He is drawing His children unto Himself.

The most touching part was at the end of the meeting, when everyone was leaving. I went over to welcome the new girl who came as a result of her friend's prayers. She was teary eyed as she looked at me. The first thing she said was, “I know I need God”. Then the tears fell, and she said, “Hug me?” After a long, tight hug, I ushered her to the couch with a tissue box and she shared how she was so lonely and had known God 2 years ago, but had walked far away from Him in these 2 years. It was so beautiful to be able to be a part of the process of God softening her heart and showing her how much she needs Him. I got to encourage her of His love for her and His faithfulness even when she didn't feel Him. And she said, “I will commit to trust Him for the rest of my life: no matter what.”

I wish you could have seen the beauty of it…her heart melting before Him…her faith growing …a child restored! What joy! What amazing things God is doing over here! He is moving and working, and we are doing our best to sweep in the harvest He's grown. Incredible. Simply incredible.