Standing in a circle with many Asian students at an English Corner (a designated location on almost every campus where students gather to practice English), I was hit by one of my favorite topics: the massive population of this country.

Once again, someone wanted to know what I thought about all the people in here, and I gave them my straight-talk answer. “I love all the people here; they are my favorite part about this country!”

Seizing the opportunity, I started telling the story about how I have wanted to come to this country for a long time and explained how the desire to come was planted in my heart by God when I was a little girl.

“I would pull the corners of my eyes back like this, so I could look Asian.” I demonstrated, all the while looking back into the eyes of the people gathering in my circle. I told them how I would run to the mirror, let go of my eyes, and peer in, hoping to see them transformed.

“You want only one eye lid?” One of the guys in my circle asked me. He verbally expressed the look on everyone else’s face: Why would you want eyes like our ours? The Asian girls all want to have eyes like Americans!

It’s incredible to be here! It’s so amazing, it makes me want to cry in awe, as I think about how God has brought me here, prepared the way in my heart and the way before me, so that I can come. I love sharing with friends about how much God loves them and wants them to know Him! He is reaching these students! This past week we held our first Bible Studies (Book Clubs), and two guys joined our family!