Vash and Knight hurried to meet the college students coming to their first “guys night.” These two workers were excited about the first outreach event they were putting on. While they walked, they chatted about what to expect. After a little haggling they decided they hoped at least 10 people would show up. However, as they rounded the corner to the meeting place, 40 eyes peered back at them. “I don't think we have enough snacks for 20 people.” Even with a snack shortage, the event was a smashing success. Relationships were forged, and gospel seeds were sown in 20 hearts.

Our teams have been launching their outreach events over the last weeks, and it has been thrilling. Over 80 people came to their different groups this week. Many of these will be the foundation of the new churches we are planting this year. Just last night, Vash and Knight got to lead 2 guys into the family at a follow up Bible study. That makes 5 new saints since the last time I wrote, and going on 20 for the year. He is exploding all our expectations.