Call us crazy, but we simply believe 2016 will be the best year……ever.

2015, you were awesome, incredible, powerful and dynamic, but 2016 has entered the building and is taking over. We do not just want to throw out 2015 like it didn’t matter, in fact, for Campus Target it was an incredible year. Here are some snapshot testimonies:

For the first time in Campus Target’s history, we had Asian college students begin an internship with one of our church planting teams to join the work.

We saw multiple CT’ers get fluent in the native language and venture out into church planting and discipleship in a fresh way.

CT’s internship (prepping long term workers) saw an all-time record success rate for equipping and launching a new batch of workers to the field.

In the Fall of 2015, we saw a drastic increase in our recruiting efforts and increased interest in young adults wanting to invest a year of their lives in Asia.

2015 also dealt heartaches, transitions, surprises and its unique challenges to our team. But even with those, it was a pretty awesome year. God has created us for the EPIC life, and uses a mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly to accomplish His work in us.

2016 has already started off with a bang. For us personally, we are working as hard as ever to win, equip and send young adults to Asia to reach college students. As Christ followers, we believe we were destined to go from GLORY to GLORY. Sometimes that road is hard and seems bleak, but the perpetual INCREASE in our lives is a promise from God.