This past tuesday morning came quick. I mean real quick. Sunday and Monday flew by, and before I knew it I was sitting up in my bed trying to recall all the things to do on this special Tuesday.

A team from another country had just come into our city. For their first few days they worked with some friends up north, but for the remainder of their time, they will be working with us. And Tuesday was our first day with them.

The Meister and myself went to their hotel around 10am. We had a sweet meeting with them; talking about CT, briefing them for the week and having a sweet time of prayer together. To say the least, we were all pumped up to this the campuses.

There’s about 14 of them all together on their team, so we split them up into 4 teams and sent them to our assigned campuses. At the campus’ they met the other CT leaders and had a prayer walk until around 330. Then it was time for them to go and make some new friends.

And…………………………3 people came into the family!!!! It’s absolutely amazing! We just finished a meeting with them this morning and heard all the stories! The best part is the average age for the team is 17! These young people totally came and stormed our campuses!

They still have two more days on the campuses and we are expecting even greater things to happen during these last days! I have been totally energized by what the Lord is doing during this week. There has been a fresh wind that has come. My next blog will be about how the last part of this week turns out. Until then!