What a thrill the past month has been.

Loads of people saved. Groups started. And the multiplication process in discipleship continuing to take form.

Here are 2 stories that have really stood out in the past 3 weeks:

Traditional Medicine University Breakout
Two students that one of our long term workers is disciplining decided to go out to share on their campus. They met a new friend, shared with her and this girl decided to follow Jesus! They started a weekly group with her and baptized her that same week.

Those same 2 students went out the following week, found one of their roommates, and led her to the Lord. This new sister had the same experience. Plugged in a group, baptized, and poured into.

There are some thrilling things happening on this campus, please keep them all in prayer! Seeing students disciple students and then churches birthed out of that is the plan!

Mother/Daughter Baptism Combo
This is a story about 2 girls, Tonya and Dora. And their mamas.

Tonya and her mom were both believers. But they had not been baptized. Some of our workers have been training her and they were studying baptism. Tonya called her mom and told her about it, and they decided together to get baptized! This past week it happened, Tonya and mama being dunked together in a kiddie pool! Unreal!

Dora just became a Christian last week. Her mom was in town and came to the group that Dora is a part of. During the group that week they were practicing sharing the gospel, Dora turned to her mom and shared with her. Mama received! And right then and there, they set a time to get baptized the next day.

Now Dora and Tonya are in a small group together and following Jesus with their whole hearts. Please keep these 2 and their families in your prayers!

This is what we live for! People meeting JESUS! And their lives being turned upside-down for Him. Please keep our workers, Asian friends and group in your prayers. We are seeing things TAUGHT and CAUGHT in a fresh way.