I remember one day last year I was sitting in my room and thinking of love songs. I know that sounds weird, but I was. And I was thinking of how most have a shelf life of 2 or 3 months. Now of course there have been some greats over the years, but whenever someone plays them, there is always eyes rolling and cackles in the room.

My simple prayer to God later that night was,’Are there any love songs that don’t grow old?’. And it was in that moment where He spoke of the greatest love song of all time. The song of the cross. The anthem of redemption.

This week I have found such a joy in recalling my salvation and redemption expierence. Thinking of all the times His hand was leading me. Gently at times. Seemingly harsh at others! But above all that, God was keeping me in ‘bands of love’, as Hosea says.

It’s even more amazing to think we are playing a part in others ‘Love songs’ as well! Not that we are writing it, but it’s like we are tuning to the right station and turning up the volume for them!